The 8 inch BLDC scooter hub motor, GIGA8, with its PU tire, provides sufficient grip. Disk brake can be applied on the side to slow down or stop the motor. With its small size, light weight, high efficiency, it runs smoothly and quietly. The motor is suitable for e-bike, mobility, scooter, and trolley.
Model GIGA08
Brushed / Brushless Brushless
Rated Voltage (V) 36V / 750 rpm
Rated Power (W) 200W - 250W
Wheel Size (inch) 8"
Reduction Ratio 1:1
Rated Speed (km/h) (25 km / hr), customized
Rated Efficiency (%) > 81%
Weight 3.2 KG
Open Size (mm) 112 mm
Cable Location Right side
Hall Sensor Optional
Integrate speed sensor Optional
Surface Black
Brake Type Disk Brake