Electric Snowplow ER-801DX

Quite with electrical power
It's very quiet because of the electrical battery. You can work the electric snowplow at residential even early in the morning. It's the most suitable to remove the snow at residential and in the front of the shops such as not to be able to launch the snow. And it's very comfortable for the operator with very low vibration.

Easy to operate for anybody
It runs when you grasp.
It stops when you release.

You don't need the useless power to remove the snow by the 250W twin motor and crawler drive. You just push it easily with the ordinary power. Snow removal force is around 65Kg~70Kg.

Rechargeable battery with an outlet
You take off the battery from the main part and charge it with a house power supply socket easily. In the case of nominal cycle, it takes about 5 hours to complete charge.
Model ER-801DX
Overall length 1,370mm
Overall width 820mm
Height 980mm
Weight 65kg
Snow Removal width 800mm
Blade height 330mm
Motor DC brush motor 24V 250W x 2
Battery type Sealed acid battery
Battery capacity 24V / 20AH
Charger AC100V - 240V
Charging time around 5 hrs to full charge